Monday, October 21, 2013


The company that has made pretty much more head-to-head fighting games than any other is saying that they can not afford to make a next gen fighter yet... hmmm.

Games like Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and now upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 4 that is just another upgrade with 5 new characters. These titles are amongst some of the greatest fighter titles ever, I've yet to mention the cross company titles like Capcom vs SNK & Street Fighter x Tekken. I'm not sure I understand.

I'd like to try to Next-Gen for FG... However we dont have resorce... XO RT @mcmmaster Next-gen port for USF4 would be sweet Ono :D

I am not a Ono fan anymore anyway. His over the top antics and teasing to basically give the fans nothing is the problem. Was I the only one that knew who 4 of the new USF4 characters were? With the 5th character not revealed yet, a lot of SF fans are like who cares!!! There is no reason why Capcom shouldn't be able to bring either USF4 or another fighter title to the Next-Gen consoles 


How do you feel about it?


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